When: Every Thursday 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Where: SFBLC - 202 Avenue C South SK S7M1N2

Taxes will be done on a Drop-in basis only spaces are limited so please arrive early. Sign in begins at 1:00 pm for the tax clinic.

What to bring with you:
• You must have ALL of your income slips (for every year we need to file) before we can complete your return
• Photo identification
• Social insurance number
• Receipts for charitable donations
• Receipts for bus passes from January - June 2018

  • Child Tax Income Statement

  • Childcare /Sports receipts

• Your last year's tax return and assessment and any T-Slips from any years needing filing. (if possible)

• All your information slips (T3, T4,T4A, T4A(P), T4A(OAS),T4(RIF), T5007, T2202A, and information about any other income not included in a “T” slip, for example interest paid on student loans, any pensionable earnings, any bank interest paid or earned.

• Receipts for medical expenses (a printout from your medical service provider is ideal for medical expenses). Expenses that are covered by benefits can be claimed. If your medical expenses do not exceed 30% of your income they will not impact your tax return. If you do not have any taxable income (i.e. you are only receiving Social Assistance or you are status and work on reserve) medical expenses will in not change the outcome of your return.

The help offered at the tax clinic is provided by community volunteers. Their training allows only for the preparation of simple tax returns (i.e No home owners, no small business owners, no deceased persons and no income earned overseas).

Wait times can vary. Please expect to wait between 1-3 hours to have your taxes filed. 

Who is eligible to get their taxes filed with this program?

Maximum income levels to qualify to have your taxes done:
• Single person up to $30,000
• Couple married or common law up to $50,000
• One adult with one child up to $32,500
• Each additional dependent $2,500

If you are currently unemployed and on EI - regardless of previous income we can file your taxes for you.

If you are a new Canadian within the income limits we can file your taxes.

If you are married or common law, you must BOTH be at the clinic. We cannot file for you on behalf of another person with a legal Power of Attorney (if you have this then you must bring the documentation).

How can I get help from the tax clinic?
The tax clinic typically sees a large volume of clients so walk-in clients will be seen on a first-come first-serve basis (we do not provide home-calls or make appointments). We accept clients until 5:30 pm so be sure to get there as early.

Last year, we helped over 7,000 people, filed over 4,800 tax returns, bringing in nearly $19.2 million back into our community!

None of this is possible without our amazing volunteers, as well as 2018 program funders: the Community Initiatives Fund, Affinity Credit Union and Denison Mines. Thank you for all your time, support and resources. We're grateful to have partners like you..