The Two Twenty Digs in at The Garden Patch


Thank you to The Two Twenty!

We are celebrating our AMAZING Garden Patch Adopt-A-Plot teams with a weekly spot light. This week we salute The Two Twenty for all of their dedication and hard work at the Saskatoon Food Bank Garden Patch.

Q1: Tell us about your team, organization of business.

Based in Riversdale, the Two Twenty is Saskatchewan’s first co-working space; home for many of the city's creative and progressive industries and businesses. Our team, Urban Planters, is a mix of companies working within the Two Twenty along with some friends and family members. This is our second year participating as a Garden Patch Adopt-A-Plot team.

Q2: Why does your team participate in the Adopt-A-Plot Program?

At the very core of the Two Twenty's philosophy, is belief in the power of community and a love of urban lifestyles. We connect, we collaborate, and we create. What better way to do this than by getting together to give of our time and energy to nourish our community.

Q3: What is your favourite part of digging in at the Garden Patch?
It’s a great opportunity to step away from the screen and the hectic pace of our lives to reconnect with nature and get a little dirt under our fingernails. Many members on our team are new to gardening as well, so the learning and sense of achievement are the gold stars that leave us feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

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