The SFB Garden Patch 2012 up until now...

Planting Planting Planting

June 3 2012

Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op constructed two lovely cedar planters for us last year and we finally got them planted!  The lovely and talented Lesia Payne who has done some gorgeous design work for the Food Bank as well as participated in the Food Basket Challenge last year is working towards her Master Gardener certification.  She approached me to do her practical hours and last Wednesday we finally got together and worked on the planters.  One of Lesia’s clients, Countryside Greenhouse & Gardens, generously donated a lot of bedding plants!  The cedar planters are right outside the Food Bank at 202 Ave C South.  We took the remaining plants to the Garden Patch.  Our next project on Ave C will involve the creative use of cinder blocks and herbs, stay tuned!!

On Friday June 1st we hosted the International Year of Cooperatives.  Various Cooperatives in Saskatoon planted two plots in the Garden Patch and will be maintaining them throughout the season.  They came to us with a group of 20 strong and I do mean strong!  They had their plots planted in no time and continued to tend to the garden at large by filling the paths with woods chips.  I was honestly stunned and humbled.

Earlier in the week we received a donation of paving stones from Shercom Industries.  I love this company, they turn recycled rubber into a wonderful line of products.  We will be utilizing the paving stones at the centre of the garden.  More details on that to follow towards the end of the week when I have some pictures to share!

It’s a busy week ahead.  Our teams will gather at the Garden Patch on Tuesday evening to plant and share in a potluck supper.  Thank you to Andrew Conan who donated a lot of onion sets from his market garden. Be sure to check out Conan the Vegetarian at the Saskatoon Farmers Market! Wednesday we are hosting the United Way Day of Caring when the heart of the garden will take shape.  By the end of the week we will be done planting!  I can’t wait to see the first seedlings popping out of the ground!

Many Hands Make Light Work

May 31 2012

This year we decided to divide a portion of the garden into plots and invite businesses and community based organizations to adopt a plot for the growing season.

We had a goal of filling 12 plots and with SIGA joining us today that is 12 plots filled!  Amazing.  That being said, we still have a large chunk of land set aside for corn and squash but a portion of it could certainly become more plots if anyone is interested.

We aim to plant this Tuesday, June permitting.  Those teams joining us in the evening will enjoy a planting potluck.

We would love to work with you to create a meaningful one-off volunteer opportunity if that better reflects your availability.  To kick off the season on Saturday May 26th we hosted the Telus Day of Giving, June 1st we host the International Year of Co-operatives, who are staying on for the growing season maintaining two plots and on June 5th we are welcoming Concentra Financial and the United Way for Day of Caring.

I love my job!

Attention: Amazing Growing Season Ahead!

May 24 2012

Where to start??  With so many changes to the Garden Patch this year we are very fortunate to have a summer student with us.  Matt Noordhof started with us on Tuesday.  He's a student at the Edwards School of Business at the UofS.  It rained pretty solidly for his first two days and although we were itching to get in the dirt we managed to get a lot of planning and brainstorming done.  I am so thankful to have Matt onboard.

On the weekend of May 12th we received 5 tandem dump truck loads of manure!  Our dedicated volunteer, Ernie, returned for his third season to till and level the land.  On Friday May 18th we planted potatoes which was great fun and made the 1.5 acres of land seem not so daunting:)

This Saturday, May 26th the Garden Patch is happy to be hosting the Telus Day of Giving.  Employees, retirees, family and friends of Telus will be heading to the Patch bright and early to muck in and help us create a strong skeleton for the planting and projects that will soon take place.....frost warning tonight, yikes!!  This past Tuesday Telus and Wilson's Greenhouse treated us to a shopping trip!  Spirits were high and we shared a lot of laughs!

Today we were finally able to head to the Garden and get our supplies organized and start staking things out.  It's going to be a great year so if you or someone you know has a business or organization that would want to be part of an amazing community send them our way.  We still have two plots left!

April 26 2012

We are still a month away from planting and already we have wonderful things to share. Where to start...

Going into our third growing season we have come up with new ways people can get involved. The central portion of our 1.5 acre city block garden will be divided into plots and we are encouraging businesses, organizations and individuals to put together a team to tend a plot for the growing season. In the fall we will come together for a harvest celebration. Six teams have already stepped up! Gardening experience is not necessary and we have a number of individuals eager to muck in where needed.

Grow a Row is a campaign to encourage households to plant an extra row of vegetables to donate to the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre. We will be weighing donations and posting the growing tally.

There is no shortage of projects I can dream up for the Garden Patch so if you are a group looking to make an impact with a short term commitment get in touch!

We look forward to some friendly competition and the documentation that follows. What ever your involvement we want to share your words and images; tweets, instagram, blog, videos etc. Even if you can't be directly involved but stumble upon examples of unorthodox ways people are growing food, gardens you admire, events or inspiring urban agriculture articles, pass them on!!

I will leave it at that for now but check back for regular updates. Let's cultivate community and generate excitement for urban agriculture. #yxeurbanag #sfbgardenpatch @sfbgardenpatch