Thank you EcoFriendly Sask

What do worms, bacteria and fungi all have in common?

They all contribute to a healthy soil!


Why is that important to the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre? Because this year the Saskatoon Food Bank Garden Patch will be collaborating with SASK Permaculture Research Institute and Let's Talk Science on a research and education project evaluating the use of compost extract and mycorrhizae at the Garden Patch!

We would like to thank ECO-FRIENDLY SASK for providing the funding to carry out this research project.


Healthy, intact soils are living systems containing a diverse array of microorganisms, including bacteria,mycorrhizal fungi, other fungi and invertebrate animals, such as worms. Soil organisms interact with each other and with plants contribute to soil and plant health. By adding mycorrhizae inoculant and compost extract one of the things we are attempting to do is to restore soil health. One of the outcomes of this project might be an increased understanding that there can be a myriad of life right under our feet, healthy soil is teaming with life, and by regenerating soil we’re benefiting the environment.


We will be making productive use of food waste generated by the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning centre through the production of vermi-compost. Vermicomposting is the breaking down of organic material through the use of worms ( bacteria and fungi still do a part too!). Let's Talk Science will facilitate a classes for the community, with a focus on youth, about the potential of mycorrhizae and/or vermi-compost in urban agriculture and gardening.

We are looking forward to an exciting collaboration with PRI Sask and Let's Talk Science, and not to mention increased soil heath at the Garden Patch, and deepening and sharing our knowledge of beneficial microbes and compost extract in sustainable agriculture!












About Permaculture Research Institute of Saskatchewan - Permaculture Saskatchewan’s mission is to educate people about and develop permaculture practices and principles in Saskatchewan, with the goal of enriching human well-being and ecological health. You can get involved by joining the monthly potluck meetings, checking out the courses they offer throughout the year, or take part in a summer Permablitz!


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