Thank You Wiegers Financial & Benefits


Thank You to Wiegers Financial & Benefits

Each week we are spotlighting one of our AMAZING Garden Patch Adopt A Plot teams. This week, we salute Wiegers Financial & Benefits for digging in and helping out at the Garden Patch this season!

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Q1: Tell us about your team, organization of business.

Wiegers Financial & Benefits is a leading privately owned financial planning and group benefits consulting firm with offices in Saskatoon, Kindersley, and Humboldt. More specifically, the employee benefits consulting division serves businesses with anywhere from 1 to almost 600 employees. The Benefits Advisors work with employers to design a benefits program that will accurately meet the needs of their employees and aid in attraction and retention. The financial planning division specializes in creating financial planning solutions for everyone from business owners to recent college graduates. Areas of expertise include investment, retirement, estate, and tax planning, as well as banking solutions..

Q2: Why does your team participate in the Adopt-A-Plot Program?

One of our colleagues suggested that we do this for the first time this year and it seemed like a no-brainer. The garden is literally half a block from our office! The Wiegers Crew is big on charity and love any excuse to have fun, so when we can combine the two we’re all in. Although we shouldn’t have been surprised, we had a ton of buy in when we asked for volunteers. Our 11 person team loves checking out the progress every week and is proud to be a part of such a brilliant initiative.


Q3: What is your favorite part of diggin in at the Garden Patch?

Being outside, playing in the dirt, chatting with our amazing coworkers, all while doing something great for the less fortunate people in our community?! How could we say no? Plus, we’re all really competitive so we work hard to make our plot look amazing. It keeps us motivated and excited to come back every week.

Find out more about Wiegers Financial & Benefits here and follow them on Facebook

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