Abe: Volunteer Extraordinaire

Abe has been volunteering with our Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) for almost 30 years, helping people file their taxes to access credits and returns.  We caught up with Abe to ask him about his past experiences and why he comes back year after year.

“I heard on the radio in 1987 that the CRA was recruiting volunteers through the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre to complete income tax for low income clients and I liked the idea. I responded to the ad, registered with the program and that year we filed taxes as far back as 1984, so 2016 is coming up on 30 years!

I see the CVITP as being important to our community because it helps people do something they might not be able to do themselves.  The program helps community members qualify for receiving GST, Child Tax and other credits.

I come back every year because I like the idea of helping people do something they may not be able to do independently. Especially something that brings this much money back into the community.

My favourite part about helping with this program is getting to meet the clients and see their gratification.

If you’re thinking about volunteering, the program has grown significantly since I started and we need more people to help out! There's a personal satisfaction to it!”

Interested in being a volunteer with the CVITP like Abe? Contact us to learn more at cvitpcoordinator@saskatoonfoodbank.org or 306.664.6565

OATS peas beans and barley grow...

This World Food Day  we welcome volunteers from Cargill  who come equipped with 60 - 10kg bags of oats from Horizon Milling to donate. This will provide enough for about 1500 people!

We've gotten used to seeing Cargill lugging compost through the Garden Patch , our urban agriculture initiative, as a team  and major sponsor for the past two years and we look forward to having their help in our warehouse and clothing depot today.

At the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre we have a vision of a food secure community where all people have access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food.

Oats are great for so many reasons and it's no wonder clients really appreciate receiving it in their food baskets. Oats are slow to digest which means you feel full for longer also making it a diabetes friendly food. It can be used to bulk up dishes, blended and used for flour and combined with fruit to increase calories and subsequently energy.






3rd Annual Saskatoon Canstruction Oct. 4 to 18

The third annual Canstruction building competition gets underway this Saturday Oct. 4th at Market Mall. Come on down after 9am to watch the Cansculptures taking shape and vote on your favourite. If you can't make it down for build day they'll be on display until Saturday Oct.18th. All cans will be donated to the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre. 


Season Finale

Our third growing season is officially coming to a close.  Our dedicated volunteer Ernie is mowing down the corn field in preparation to till it under and put the 900 block of 2nd Ave N to rest for the winter.  With the help of our amazing community we have grown over 21,000 lbs of fresh produce for hungry families in Saskatoon!!  Stay tuned for a video project chronicling this years progress and an extensive list of


August Already??!!

The summer certainly does fly by.  The Garden is looking fantastic thanks to our amazing teams and volunteers.  We have harvested some of the plots and replanted.  Gorgeous radish, onion, beets and baby potatoes were sent to the Food Bank, with yields totaling 225kg so far!  Added to that will be the second harvest of plots as well as our potato and corn fields! Image

We have been battling the ever so frisky Colorado Potato Beetles.  A number of our plants in the centre of the potato patch have been annihilated so we harvested the wee gems.  The last of the beetles will soon be looking for a place to burrow down for the winter (jerks) and our remaining lovely plants will get a break.  Here is hoping we have time to fertilize them in the coming week.


The corn field is reaching for the sky and so were the weeds until recently.  Last Sunday we put a call out for volunteers to come to their rescue.  Getting down low in the corn field means being eaten by mosquitoes as well as enduring a significant temperature increase!  Some teams spent extra time after their weekly plot maintenance to tackle them.

Progress - Arrested Development

Liberating the Corn - Bookworms

Just when we feel certain we have gotten them all, we spy an overlooked thick jungle that needs to be addressed.  You can really see where old house foundations vs gardens existed in the past.  We fertilized the struggling stalks with some compost tea today so hopefully they will catch up to their buddies who are starting to grow silks.  We have had some pretty crazy storms lately and as a result we often arrive in the morning to find much of the corn pushed over but after a day or two they seem to find their way back to the sun.



What else, what else.....we have some monster tomato plants and our squash, cucumber and pumpkin are loving life and starting to produce fruit.  At the centre of the garden is a growing bean pole tipi looking lush and soon to be filled with pods.


In Closing:

While out for a walk the other day I came across this boulevard with raised beds.  Someone was growing tomatoes and zucchini and greens etc.  I then heard a sweet, very concerned, voice ask if I worked for the City.  This little lady was the Gorilla Gardener responsible for the raised beds and was she proud, rightfully so!!  What an amazing city we live in Saskatoon!