Bitter Sweet

Final harvests are pouring into the Food Bank with Autumn around the corner.  What an amazing growing season our third year has been! It seems like yesterday that I was listening to Matt, our summer student (business??), tell me about his very clever home made vermi-compost system during his interview.  This Friday is his last day with us:(  I absolutely love this picture even though I know Matt does not....









While both Matt and I were away during the same week recently I received a text asking if I had noticed the aphids on the corn before I left.  This picture followed shortly after and my reaction was, THIS IS BIBLICAL!!  I was feeling a bit helpless being so far away and admittedly over reacted!  I was assured by the plant sciences department at the UofS and all that I read online that the aphids don't tax the corn so I relaxed.  All seems fine but It certainly looks horrible:(









Our big corn harvest is 2-3 weeks away.  Anyone and everyone is welcome to come and help out!  It's going to be a wonderful day, details to follow.







The beet harvest has started to pour in and some are absolutely enormous!







Cucumbers were a last minute addition but are doing fantastic and will definitely be part of the plan next year.







Our tomato and spaghetti squash plants are having a relationship and there is NO breaking them apart!







So many beautiful Spaghetti Squash!







More squash along 2nd Ave N







The bean pole tipi has started to produce pods!







As teams pull out their final harvests the plots are being planted with a buckwheat cover crop in hopes of smothering out weeds and adding some nourishment to the soil when it's tilled under next spring.







Big week of harvesting ahead!  Stay tuned for the update.