Oh oh... I think I've hit something!

First off we'd like to say a big thank-you to the team who brought the hamburgers for the potluck! They were delicious and helped fuel us through the first phase of planting our section of the Garden Patch! That phase included chipping away at the rocky claybed that is the Garden Patch!!!! With pitchforks, hoes, shovels, and considerable elbow grease we tilled our plot and planted 4 sizeable patches of veggies (one of beets, one of onions, one of carrots and one of radishes). We are proud!

A major highlight was the archaeological discovery (made by Christine) of what we hypothesized might be the cornerstone of a library, but was in all likelihood just a very big rock.

Despite the hard work, it was a fun night and it was great to visit with everyone outside of work! Next time we hope to come out a little earlier so we can get to meet some of the other teams. If we keep up our late evening gardening visits, we may have to consider re-naming ourselves the glow worms ;)