poverty costs


Poverty CostsOver the past eight months the Poverty Costs  campaign (a joint initiative between the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre and several other organizations, including the Saskatoon Anti-Poverty Coalition, Upstream, Saskatoon Health Region, Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership  & Unite) have been raising awareness about the economic impact of poverty in Saskatchewan, recently calculated to be $3.8 billion dollars a year, and giving Saskatchewan citizens the opportunity to voice their support for a comprehensive poverty reduction plan.

Saskatchewan is one of only two provinces in Canada without a poverty reduction plan.  There are many programs and services intended to reduce poverty, but there isn't a comprehensive plan that brings those initiatives together with targets, timelines and accountability measures – the very things we know are critical to the success of any goal.

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On Wednesday Oct.22 Poverty Costs had the honor of visiting the Legislative buildings in Regina for the Government’s Throne Speech and the exciting announcement that the Government of Saskatchewan is committing to the development of a comprehensive poverty reduction plan.  This announcement is the culmination of many years work by committed individuals, organizations and groups who work every day to raise awareness about poverty and the need for a comprehensive poverty reduction plan.  We’ve taken a critical first step in the journey towards development and implementation and look forward to working closely with the Government of Saskatchewan and other stakeholders in months to come.

photo credit:Morgan Modjeski/Metro