Group Planting Days and Garden Helper Positions


A big Thank You to Ernie Fast, our dedicated volunteer, for helping load our manure, and till it in the Garden Patch to prepare it for planting!

ernie 5

.kids helping

The Garden Patch could use the help of enthusiastic volunteers this week! Please drop in between 2PM-6PM on Wednesday May 29, or 2PM-6PM on Wednesday May 30. No need to RSVP, but email if you would like more information. There are lots of projects to do. Planting, painting, bean pole teepees, raised beds, and mulching.

Come on out and get play in the dirt!

Please bring gloves and water. Thank you :)

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              Saturday June 8th 9AM-12PM Group Helping Day!

Come Join us at the Garden Patch for another Group Helping Day. There will be lots to do around the Garden including planting, mulching and painting. Drop in anytime between 9AM-12PM. No need to RSVP. There will be seeds to take home and plant!

Don't Forget your sun hat, gloves and water.

We appreciate all of your help and support!

The Garden Patch is located on the 900 block of 3rd Ave N, just south of 33rd St and Warman Ave. It is a large lot on the East side of 3rd Ave N surrounded by a blue fence.

See you at the Patch!

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Would you like to be a Garden Helper?


We are starting a new volunteer initiative. We would like to invite volunteers to the Garden patch for an hour, or for an entire morning/afternoon throughout the season. We are starting Garden Helper volunteer shifts which will run every week. The Garden Helper times are:

    Tuesday's between 9-12              Wednesday between 1-4              Thursday between 9-12

You can come for an hour/afternoon on a specific day throughout the year, or have a more regular weekly or bi-weekly volunteer position. For example, you can come to volunteer for one day, June 4th from 9-10AM, or you may decide to come in every other week on Wednesday at 2PM. You are invited to come lend a hand during any of these hours. Please RSVP. The continued support of volunteers is how our garden 'grows'! You can RSVP/Register for these volunteer shifts and positions through the Food Bank Volunteer Coordinator, Rehanna. She can be reached at, or by phone at 306-664-6565. You may also contact the Urban Agriculture Coordinator Brit for more information at Thank you for your support!

[divider scroll_text=""] weedinweds_edited-1Weedin' Wednesday will begin in July! We invite the community to come drop in at the Garden Patch anytime between 4PM and 8PM every Wednesday. This will be a family friendly volunteer experience. Come drop by, lend a hand and enjoy the garden. More information here.



Find our more about what's happening at the Garden Patch on our Urban Agriculture Page Here. 


August Already??!!

The summer certainly does fly by.  The Garden is looking fantastic thanks to our amazing teams and volunteers.  We have harvested some of the plots and replanted.  Gorgeous radish, onion, beets and baby potatoes were sent to the Food Bank, with yields totaling 225kg so far!  Added to that will be the second harvest of plots as well as our potato and corn fields! Image

We have been battling the ever so frisky Colorado Potato Beetles.  A number of our plants in the centre of the potato patch have been annihilated so we harvested the wee gems.  The last of the beetles will soon be looking for a place to burrow down for the winter (jerks) and our remaining lovely plants will get a break.  Here is hoping we have time to fertilize them in the coming week.


The corn field is reaching for the sky and so were the weeds until recently.  Last Sunday we put a call out for volunteers to come to their rescue.  Getting down low in the corn field means being eaten by mosquitoes as well as enduring a significant temperature increase!  Some teams spent extra time after their weekly plot maintenance to tackle them.

Progress - Arrested Development

Liberating the Corn - Bookworms

Just when we feel certain we have gotten them all, we spy an overlooked thick jungle that needs to be addressed.  You can really see where old house foundations vs gardens existed in the past.  We fertilized the struggling stalks with some compost tea today so hopefully they will catch up to their buddies who are starting to grow silks.  We have had some pretty crazy storms lately and as a result we often arrive in the morning to find much of the corn pushed over but after a day or two they seem to find their way back to the sun.



What else, what else.....we have some monster tomato plants and our squash, cucumber and pumpkin are loving life and starting to produce fruit.  At the centre of the garden is a growing bean pole tipi looking lush and soon to be filled with pods.


In Closing:

While out for a walk the other day I came across this boulevard with raised beds.  Someone was growing tomatoes and zucchini and greens etc.  I then heard a sweet, very concerned, voice ask if I worked for the City.  This little lady was the Gorilla Gardener responsible for the raised beds and was she proud, rightfully so!!  What an amazing city we live in Saskatoon!