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OATS peas beans and barley grow...

This World Food Day  we welcome volunteers from Cargill  who come equipped with 60 - 10kg bags of oats from Horizon Milling to donate. This will provide enough for about 1500 people!

We've gotten used to seeing Cargill lugging compost through the Garden Patch , our urban agriculture initiative, as a team  and major sponsor for the past two years and we look forward to having their help in our warehouse and clothing depot today.

At the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre we have a vision of a food secure community where all people have access to safe, affordable, and nutritious food.

Oats are great for so many reasons and it's no wonder clients really appreciate receiving it in their food baskets. Oats are slow to digest which means you feel full for longer also making it a diabetes friendly food. It can be used to bulk up dishes, blended and used for flour and combined with fruit to increase calories and subsequently energy.






Harvest Time!




Harvest time is here at the Garden Patch!

Volunteers have been busy helping with the harvest at the Garden Patch the last few weeks. Please join us on Saturday August 24th for a Group Volunteer Day. Come lend a hand at the Garden, or come to visit and look around. Drop in between 7AM-1PM. No need to RSVP. Families Welcome!

Please contact with any questions. Please bring water, and sun protection!




Weedin' Wednesday continues until the end of September. Join us at the Garden every Wednesday between 4PM - 8PM. Drop by and lend a hand or come say hi!

No need to RSVP. Drop in. Families Welcome!

Where is the Garden Patch?

The Garden Patch is located on the 900 block of 3rd Ave N.

Check HERE for a map.



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Local Food Security & Poverty Issues Require Action

The Garden Patch is a SFBLC intiative to build capacity for local food security solutions. The Saskatchewan Global Food Security Forum kicked off yesterday in Saskatoon. According to their website, "Decision makers, buyers, food processors, exporters, service providers, academics, scientists, key business leaders, and government officials from various levels will all be in attendance".  We're encouraged to see action on important issues of global food security issues and proud that Saskatchewan and Canada are taking leading roles.

The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre receives 12,000+ requests for emergency food assistance each month, yet receives no form of core funding from any level of government.  We think it's also time for action on the issues that impact local food security and poverty right here in our community.

Click here to read more about the forum in an article in the Feb. 6 Star Phoenix.

[quote align="center" color="#999999"]Did you know that Saskatchewan has no provincial strategy to address poverty and food insecurity?[/quote]

One in seven Canadian children live in poverty.

A newly released report by the Conference Board of Canada is bringing much-needed attention to a sad reality:

  • One in seven Canadian children live in poverty.
  • The 2008-09 financial crisis and recession increased the share of people in low income; elderly and working-age Canadians were most affected.

Read the Conference Board of Canada report here.

Poverty is not inevitable.  There are many ways we can work to reduce and even eliminate poverty.  Check out Poverty Free Saskatchewan and the Saskatoon Poverty Reduction Partnership for more information about making change right here in our community.