This season, the Tap team is giving a little bit more...

We're excited to tell you about Tap Communications' new 2012 Holiday Project! All year long, the Tap Communications team helps non-profit organizations by providing in-kind services. "We’re proud of our partnerships with these groups, but there are so many others we could help. So this season, in lieu of sending gifts to our clients, we’re investing our time and resources into a very special project – Tap’s 12 Days, 12 Ways of Giving," says Pamela Cradock. "For 12 days in November and December, we’ve been sharing our talents with 12non-profit groups, including the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre. Through volunteer work and the donation of much-needed items, our goal is to make a $12,000 impact on our community."

We encourage you to find out more about the project at, and follow their progress through their 12 Days, 12 Ways updates on Facebook and Twitter.

So far they're on Day 5 of the project, and having a great time!

Thank you Tap Communications for doing something amazing for our community!