Harvest Time

Land of the Living Skies

For the past few weeks we have been hit by a ripple of heat waves with spells of torrential rain.  The weather has made it difficult to make it out to the garden but has proven a mere obstacle. In attempts of avoiding the high heat levels, we, the Garden Patch Kids, decided to Rise with the Sun. We have been going out to the garden as early as 5:00 AM to take advantage of the cooler shade, the morning dew, as well as the breath-taking sunrise.

Friday the 13th marked the day of our harvest. It was a morning filled with angst as well as sheer excitment. As our first harvest, it was to be expected. Taking in the cool morning breeze, we set out to harvest the radishes and onions...

As we began to work, the anxiety of our first harvest seemed to evaporate. Harvesting fills you with an emotion that is quite hard to explain .It can only be fully appreciated when one experiences it.

Bewilderment. Awe. Pride.

Through perserverence & learning, our harvest was a success! As the ancient adage goes...

You reap what you Sow

The weather proved a difficult obstacle, but it also proved an old saying here in the Prairies. Between the heat waves and rain spells, are the key factors sunshine and water. The ever-changing horizon promoting life and growth.

Land of the Living Skies.