Huron Carole Dec. 7th

We are excited to announce the return of Tom Jackson’s popular concert series, the Huron Carole, in support of the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre! Arriving in Saskatoon on Friday, Dec. 7, 2012, Tom Jackson’s Huron Carole concert will feature special guests Sarah Slean, Matt Dusk and Susan Aglukark for an evening of beautiful holiday entertainment that also makes a difference in the lives of vulnerable people in Saskatoon.

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Gluten Free Food Baskets

One person really can make a difference. This is the story of Megan, and her vision for a healthier community. Megan took action to help build a gluten-free food basket program at the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre. Megan writes a blog, TheGlutenFreeVegan.com where she shares recipes and tips about gluten-free living.  She recently blogged about growing up in a low-income family and how that experience inspired her to take action.

Special thanks to Megan, the Celiac Association of Saskatoon, and Heather Morrison, who has also championed this project.

Hear Megan talk about the project with CBC's Garth Materie.

You can help support this program with gluten-free food donations and funds to help us purchase food.


Carson's Story

When we met Carson Joyes, we knew right away by the sparkle in his eye that he had a great story to tell. When we asked Carson and his Dad what brought them to the food bank that day we learned about the very special effort Carson and his friend Grayson had made to bring their food donation to the food bank.  We are pleased to share Carson and Grayson's story below as the first of our Do Something Amazing project...

It all began when Brian Joyes came for a tour of the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre. When he came home later that day, Brian shared what he had learned with his family, including his nine year old son Carson. Touched by what he had learned from his Dad, Carson then went to school and asked his friends if they would be interested in collecting food instead of candy with him on Halloween night. Carson's friend Grayson Wyatt stepped up to help right away and Carson and Grayson took their idea home and discussed it with their parents. Their parents all agreed it was a good idea for the boys to pursue and with their parent's consent, the boys collected their groceries throughout the Village of Clavet, receiving great support from their community.

It is clear that our new friend Carson really cares about people, because this was already his second fundraiser. Carson raised $180.20 for Breast Cancer research earlier in the fall by selling garden produce from his family's garden to people in his community.

At only nine years old, Carson and Grayson are already making a difference. They are currently working on ideas for their next fundraiser.  We think that's AMAZING!