Smoking Cessation Workshop


Do you smoke or chew tobacco and you are thinking about quitting?

The PACT (Partnership to Assist with Cessation of Tobacco) in partnership with Safeway will be offering support for tobacco users who want to quit, may be thinking of quitting, or have quit and need support. A Safeway PACT pharmacist is trained to assess a person's readiness to quit, assist in choosing an appropriate cessation air, provide counselling and tools geared towards the individual's goals and needs, and support behaviour change regarding tobacco use.

A group smoking cessation workshops will be held every other Wednesday at the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre. Please register at the Food Bank, or contact Brit MacDonald at 306-664-6565, or for more information.

Upcoming Dates : 

Wednesday March 9 @ 1:30PM

Wednesday March 19 @ 1:30AM

For more information contact Brit MacDonald at 306-664-6565 x266, or email her at