#TBT - the Gift that Kept on Giving

This week's Throw Back Thursday (#TBT) takes us back to the warm sunny days of July 2014 with an equally warm story.


For the past five years Brant Regush, owner and General Manager of Pinnacle Builders Ltd. in Martensville, has bought a market steer at the 2014 Prairieland Junior Ag Showcase. This summer Brant bought a steer from 9 year old Cadence, a young farmer and 4H member.  On average, a market steer goes for $2,500 at this auction but this year, Brant Regush placed the winning bid of a whopping $13,000 for Cadence’s steer!

Cadence and his family have a personal connection with the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Saskatchewan  and they wanted to give back, so Cadence decided to donate the proceeds from his steer to the Children’s Hospital Foundation. Cadence’s generosity inspired others to get involved- in addition to Brant’s generous purchase price, he donated the processed meat to the food bank with cutting and wrapping compliments of Brant's friend Trent Ens, owner of the Smokehaus  in Martensville.

Cadence’s initial special donation kept on giving. Thank you Cadence, Brant and Trent for your generous spirits-we were so thankful for this wonderful donation!