Liberating the corn!!

We had a great turnout and everyone was thrilled with our new grass walkways. So luxurious! Thank you Jasmin and Matt!!

This week our focus was weeding the beets!! Poor little darlings have been neglected as we have been spending our time harvesting and replanting the onions and radishes.

Once we finished up weeding our plot, we put into effect Operation Liberate the Corn!!! The weeds in the corn field were outrageous and we felt a huge sense of accomplishment as we liberated the corn from their evil nemesis, Weeds Galore.

As a very key part of our operation, we had weed runners Chloe and Davi keeping the piles from overwhelming the path. Davi also took a turn as inspirational motivator and encouraged the smaller cornstalks to grow big and strong, giving them the TLC they need to stand tall and mighty amongst their p-ears!

Can't wait for next week! Go Veggie Freedom Fighters!