The last few weeks of weeding have been filled with curious creatures, beautiful produce and dramatic skies.

This week we were gleeful (and just the littlest bit sad) as we reaped the rewards of a summer of care and toil. Radishes! Onions! Carrots... come on carrots... come on out of there...The carrots were quite happy where they were and put up a strong fight at the prospect of leaving their dense clay homes. We were determined and with much elbow grease were victorious!

We harvested everything save a few beets and were amazed at what could grow in our challenged little plot (which we are certain, based on the number of rocks, bricks, glass and clay, was previously a concrete foundation) Good work veggies! Way to go bookworms!

One week left in our plot to harvest the beets. We've really enjoyed coming out to the Garden Patch every week and can't wait to dive back in next year! Thank you, Garden Patch, Jasmin and Matt, for the opportunity to get involved!!