You're Never too Busy to Give

by Greer Tilford


Something that I have been consistently hearing over the past few months, and have been guilty of repeating myself is “I’m so busy”. It’s an easy answer to the common questions of “What’s new?” “What have you been up to lately?” “Want to do something tonight?” and the list goes on. Don’t get me wrong, for all the right reasons I’m grateful for being busy. The danger is that I repeat the phrase “I’m so busy” to myself so often though that I forget that I can make time in my schedule; that I am never too busy to offer my time to benefit others or to lend a helping hand. How many times have you walked down the street and thought, ‘I wish I could help others more but I just don’t have the time’?

I am just too darn busy!

Lately I have been trying to break my habit of “busy”. I have been practicing saying “no” to projects and events that I know I do not have the time or the energy for. I have been focusing on making space in my schedule to free up time for projects and activities that I know make my life emotionally rich. One of these opportunities arose a couple of months ago when, at an organizing meeting for our annual Two Twenty Holiday party, the Community Outreach Committee needed some coordinators. Although my mind was saying “You are never going to have time to help organize and execute this”, my heart felt otherwise. “Put me on the committee,” I said. We decided on the goal: Get 20 volunteers from the Two Twenty Community who would donate 2 hours of their time to the Saskatoon Food Bank for Giving Tuesday. After sending the initial call out to the community, within 3 days our volunteer roster was so full that we had to start turning people away and re-working the schedule! The willingness and enthusiasm of the individuals in the community was overwhelming and very heart-warming. Planning came effortlessly – never seen as a burden or an inconvenience to my so-thought “busy” schedule. Suddenly there was room to help organize and plan a group act of kindness.

We often are so wrapped up in our own lives and agendas that we forget what a difference a few hours can make for a person. It can turn their entire day around. It can give them the opportunity to watch their excited child open up their only present on Christmas. It can also save somebody’s life.

So the next time you are rushing off to your next meeting, off to tackle the next item on your busy schedule, I challenge you to slow down and lend a hand where you can. Take the time to make a positive difference in somebody else’s life. I ensure you it is entirely worth it.