EcoFriendly Sask Supports the Garden Patch with Action Grant

EcoFriendly Sask logo_bigOur team of volunteers, supporters and staff put a lot of hard work into the planning and maintenance of our our urban agriculutre initiative, the Garden Patch.  As we head into our fourth growing season we were looking for a solution to one of our primary logistical challenges - how to transport the produce from the Garden Patch site to the Food Bank. Produce needs to be transported as soon as it is harvested, but it is often only one or two garbage bag-sized sacks of produce. Using the Food Bank’s truck to transport such a small amount of food is inefficient and costly in terms of environmental, staff, and monetary resources. That's when EcoFriendly Sask stepped to offer their support!  EcoFriendly Sask, with support from Axon Development Corporation, has provided the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre with an EcoFriendly Action Grant to purchase a cargo frieght bike to transport the produce in a more efficent and enviromentally friendly manner.

And because kindness is contagious, when the friendly folks at Escape Sports heard about the project they wants to get involved too! They've provided us with a great deal on a specialty bike, which our friends at Core Neighbourhood Youth Coop will be outfitting it with a custom cargo box.

Thanks EcoFriendly Sask, Axon Development Corporaton, Escape Sports and Core Neighbourhood Youth Coop! We hope to see you on the road!