Compost Projects Upcoming at the Garden Patch

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2014 Compost Projects at the Garden Patch

Over this past weekend, we had the pleasure of taking the Master Composting Class offered through the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council and co-taught by long-time Garden Patch volunteer Larry Mullen. We Are Inspired!

We learned many different composting techniques, including how to build a static pile, trench composting, the bokashi method, and we sharpened up our pile building and vermi-composting techniques. We are excited to share some of these techniques at the Garden Patch this year! Join us: get your hands dirty and learn all about composting at home!

We will also be taking part in the Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council project, Digging the Dirt, a backyard composting project. We will be monitoring several different composting methods, along with backyard gardeners around Saskatoon, in an attempt to find the most efficient systems for our region and for different needs.

Building a Static Pile

Check out the Garden Patch this year as we dig into composting! We will be building a static pile, monitoring our several 3-bin systems, trench composting, 'lasagna' composting (also known as sheet mulching). We will also be continuing our soil building project with Saskatchewan Permaculture Institute and Let's Talk Science, sponsored by Eco-Friendly Sask, using compost tea and vermi-composting. You can reach about that project here.

More information about the Garden Patch and how you can dig in and get involved HERE

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