Public Produce

Meanwhile, back at the Food Bank..

With a couple of rainy days ahead that would keep us from the garden we turned our attention to urban ag projects at the Saskatoon Food Bank on Ave C South.  Repurposing and upcycling old cinder blocks into a creative planter, yes please!  The Habitat for Humanity Restore gave us a deal on a pallet of cinder blocks and Gerry kindly delivered them across the street with the forklift.  In order to stack them we would need to remove the old mortar that was on....all four sides??!!  We hadn't thought about that:(  Next - to enhance stability we used Liquid Nails to adhere them all together.  The areas open for planting (above ground level) got some chicken wire covered in landscaping fabric wedged into the bottom.  We were then able to start planting in them!

We read an article saying that if you blend up some yogurt, moss and a bit of sugar, paint on a wooden or concrete surface & keep it moist it should grow into lush green graffiti. We decided to write encouraging mesages with this concoction on our beautiful cedar planter boxes made by Core Neighbourhood Youth Coop.

Fingers Crossed!!