Nourishing Human Potential: April's Story

Since 2010, PotashCorp has been partnering with Saskatchewan food banks on holiday fund-raising campaigns. Together, we have raised more than $12.5 million, including a total of $5 million in matching funds from PotashCorp. This has helped to alleviate hunger in communities served by the 35 food banks across the province. April Marche shares her story about how she benefitted from the Saskatoon Food Bank’s Creating Opportunities program.

April's Story - Presented by PotashCorp




World Food Day Video at Saskatoon Food Bank


October 16th is World Food Day. It is a day to strengthen solidarity between individuals and organizations working towards a healthy food system.

In this video we asked our team at the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre to share their visions of a food secure community.

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world food day

Food Bank Volunteers Rock (Pick)!!!

More than 40 people stopped by the Garden Patch on Sat, May 11th to help with the Spring Clean Up Event! (Can someone please tell us why we seem to grow rocks each winter!!) Huge thanks to everyone who volunteered their time!  There will be lots of ways you can get involved all summer long with Weedin' Wednesdays from 4 to 8 pm starting in July, or many other events listed here.

Global Saskatoon Morning Show - Food for Thought - June 4th, 2012

Check out Jasmin talking with Sherri Clark from Global Saskatoon about the Urban Garden located in Downtown Saskatoon. Click the link below:

Jasmin on the Global Saskatoon Morning Show - Food for Thought segment - June 4th, 2012