A Look at the Garden Patch in 2016

The Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre Garden Patch has been tucked in for the winter and will spend the next 6 months resting after a busy gardening season!  Through out the spring, summer and fall, the garden is a vibrant, growing place, always a buzz.  Check out the 2016 Garden Patch Review for a re-cap of the exciting events, workshops and growth that went down at the Garden Patch over this past growing season!

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Community Greenhouse Feasibility Study

The Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre commissioned a study with the financial support of the Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan, to explore the feasibility of a Community Greenhouse in Saskatoon, referred to in the report as a Food Discovery Centre. Please view the results of our study below, released in November 2015.

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Click here to download the full report.

Financial support for this project has been provided by the Agriculture Council of Saskatchewan through the Advancing Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Saskatchewan (ACAAFS) Program.

Blue Cross Digs In at the Garden Patch


Thank you Saskatchewan Blue Cross!

We are celebrating our AMAZING Garden Patch Adopt-A-Plot teams with a weekly spot light. This week we salute Saskatchewan Blue Cross for all of their dedication and hard work at the Saskatoon Food Bank Garden Patch - for four years!

Q1: Tell us about your team, organization of business.

Our team members are:

Team Captain:           Annette Jess

Sharon Flanaga, Liza Waelchli, Krista Skakun, Kelsey Olson

Q2: Why does your team participate in the Adopt-A-Plot Program?

As Saskatchewan Blue Cross values being apart of the community, we felt it was important to participate in the Adopt-A-Plot Program. Our team consists of a few experienced "green thumbs" and a couple inexperienced gardeners. Therefore, not only is the Adpot-A-Plot Progam something we believe to be very beneficial to our community, but it is also a program that allows our skilled growers to share their "gardening expertise" with our not-so-skilled gardeners...making it fun! We also enjoy that the program allows us to be outside in the fresh air and sun! It is truly a win-win program for our team!

Q3: What is your favourite part of digging in at the Garden Patch?
Our favourite part of diggin' in at the Garden Patch is knowing that our fresh veggies will be enjoyed by others in our community!.

Find out more about Saskatchewan Blue Cross, follow them on Facebook and tweet at them: @SKBlueCross

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