Cargill Commits Generous Support to Garden Patch

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We are thrilled to announce the ongoing support of our Garden Patch Major Sponsor who have once again committed $50,000 for our 2014 Season.

The support from Cargill last season came at a critical time in our project timeline that allowed us to forge ahead with great ideas to grow beautiful fresh produce and build our community in the process. This continued support has allowed to expand our initiatives this year. Check out what is happening at the Garden Patch here.

The quest for food security is a both a public and private battle.  With Cargill’s generous support, we can send the message that food security is a shared responsibility that begins in our own communities.

Cargill is committed to building vibrant and stable communities where they live and work by supporting programs that provide long-term solutions, engage their employees, and provide opportunities to collaborate with others.

A big thank you to Cargill for also taking part in the Adopt-A-Plot program along with 29 teams from within our community (find out who else is involved HERE). Adopt-A-Plot is an opportunity for local businesses, community groups and individuals to adopt a 100 sq ft plot in the Garden Patch to plant, tend and harvest for the season.


This support means a great deal to the future thriving of our project, and helps us to fulfill our commitment to provide fresh, nutritious food to our community.

See what the commitment to giving back to the community means to Cargill. At the end of our 2013 season,  we had a chance to sit down with Blaine Duncan, Cargill’s Regional Manager for North Saskatchwan, to learn more about why he cares about this project and the many ways Cargill is helping build a healtier communities around the word.

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