Can't Get Enough of FoodRide

photo 2Last Friday we were thrilled to meet some new friends, Megan and Adrian.  We meet a lot of great people every day, but Megan and Adrian really made an impression! So who these fabulous individuals? Megan and Adrian are the brains behind FoodRide, and ambitious project which takes them on a 10,000 km trans-Canada cycling trip and to raise funds, food and awareness for food banks.

Arriving in Saskatoon after a long and stressful few days biking from Edmonton (which saw them actually sleeping in a field and battling fierce winds) Megan and Adrian were happily surprised to learn that Saskatoon Travelodge provided them with a complimentary night's stay.

The next morning it was up and off to Safeway for a food drive.  As always the folks from Safeway were fabulous hosts and helped them out with snacks for their long trip ahead.  Over the day we raised several barrels of food and almost $400.00!photo 4

After the food drive Megan and Adrian hopped on their bikes once again to meet up at our Garden Patch for the launch of the growing season and major funding announcement.  We were thrilled they could join us to hear the great news that Cargill is donating $50,000.00 to support urban agriculture and meet some of the great teams signed up to volunteer over the summer.  We thought they would likely be exhausted from the long day and even longer trip, but they both couldn't wait to roll up their sleeves and help get the Garden Patch planted!photo 3

We were sorry to say goodbye to them the next day, but excited to follow their adventures as they head out across Canada for a great cause.

Good luck guys! When the winds are strong and the hills are daunting, remember that we're cheering for you!

Read about Megan and Adrian's Saskatoon experiences by clicking here to access their blog.


"We aim to create and promote dialogue around the systemic issues related to poverty and thus the use and need of food banks. FoodRide will communicate the importance of a readily available, consistent supply of quality food to all people. Lets talk food security and what it means to you!"

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