Baya's Amazing Story

IMG_0101 Our first Do Something Amazing profile, Baya's Story, is sure to warm your heart this winter day!

The story begins the day after halloween when five-year old Baya approached her mom requesting to go door-to-door asking people for cookie dough.  Merin, Baya's mom, was confused.  Kids like cookies, but this was a bit extreme!

It turned out that Baya had been motivated by the students from St Joseph's High School who vistited her home collecting for the We Scare Hunger halloween food drive.  Baya wanted to collect cookie dough and give it to people who didn't have any.

Merin explained to Baya that although her intention to collect cookie dough was noble, what the food bank needs most is healthy food to share with families in our community.

So Baya shifted her focus to collecting healthy, nonperishable food items from her friends and neighbours.  She wrote a letter all by herself (with a little coaching for the spelling) and shared it with everyone she could think of.

We were thrilled to welcome Baya and Merin to the launch of our Tree of Plenty Campaign to share their story.  In total, Baya collected an impressive 68 kg of food!

On behalf of all the people forced to turn to the food bank for help, thank you Baya!  We think you're amazing!

Read about Baya in the news! Click here for the CTV News story.

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