Planting Planting Planting

June 3 2012 Core Neighbourhood Youth Co-op constructed two lovely cedar planters for us last year and we finally got them planted!  The lovely and talented Lesia Payne who has done some gorgeous design work for the Food Bank as well as participated in the Food Basket Challenge last year is working towards her Master Gardener certification.  She approached me to do her practical hours and last Wednesday we finally got together and worked on the planters.  One of Lesia’s clients, Countryside Greenhouse & Gardens, generously donated a lot of bedding plants!  The cedar planters are right outside the Food Bank at 202 Ave C South.  We took the remaining plants to the Garden Patch.  Our next project on Ave C will involve the creative use of cinder blocks and herbs, stay tuned!!

On Friday June 1st we hosted the International Year of Cooperatives.  Various Cooperatives in Saskatoon planted two plots in the Garden Patch and will be maintaining them throughout the season.  They came to us with a group of 20 strong and I do mean strong!  They had their plots planted in no time and continued to tend to the garden at large by filling the paths with woods chips.  I was honestly stunned and humbled.

Earlier in the week we received a donation of paving stones from Shercom Industries.  I love this company, they turn recycled rubber into a wonderful line of products.  We will be utilizing the paving stones at the centre of the garden.  More details on that to follow towards the end of the week when I have some pictures to share!

It’s a busy week ahead.  Our teams will gather at the Garden Patch on Tuesday evening to plant and share in a potluck supper.  Thank you to Andrew Conan who donated a lot of onion sets from his market garden. Be sure to check out Conan the Vegetarian at the Saskatoon Farmers Market! Wednesday we are hosting the United Way Day of Caring when the heart of the garden will take shape.  By the end of the week we will be done planting!  I can’t wait to see the first seedlings popping out of the ground!