A Special Thank-You to Givers, Workers and Volunteers....

Today we received a very special message from J, who visited us to pick up her Christmas Food Basket.  She wanted us to pass along her note of thanks to all the people who volunteer and donate to the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre.  She told us she thinks people who support the food bank are pretty amazing.  We told her we agree, and that we also feel the same way about her! J's note of thanks:

Dear Givers, and Workers and Volunteers,

Thank you so much for my Christmas Hamper. I live alone with no family nearby. I am too disabled to work. Rent and expenses make it necessary for me to come to the food bank, when I’m strong enough to get there.

Because of you, I get to have my Christmas dinner at home, where others will help to cook it for me. Without your kindness and help, I would not have that special meal.

Thank you for remembering single people in need like me. Usually I am forgotten, or not given what I need. Thank you for helping to take care of me. It not only fills my tummy; it fills my heart, to know that all of you out there did all this, to care for me.

May God bless each and every one of you. Thank you for keeping me going, body and soul. In thanks, I will pass on the giving to others who have not, too. It will be something else, of course.

May this spirit of giving continue throughout our community, and beyond it. This kind of love is why I live here. It is who I am, and I rejoice in the sharing of ourselves to others.

May God bless you all for your kindness. Thank you – I will not foget you.

Love, J.