Abe: Volunteer Extraordinaire

Abe has been volunteering with our Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) for almost 30 years, helping people file their taxes to access credits and returns.  We caught up with Abe to ask him about his past experiences and why he comes back year after year.

“I heard on the radio in 1987 that the CRA was recruiting volunteers through the Saskatoon Food Bank and Learning Centre to complete income tax for low income clients and I liked the idea. I responded to the ad, registered with the program and that year we filed taxes as far back as 1984, so 2016 is coming up on 30 years!

I see the CVITP as being important to our community because it helps people do something they might not be able to do themselves.  The program helps community members qualify for receiving GST, Child Tax and other credits.

I come back every year because I like the idea of helping people do something they may not be able to do independently. Especially something that brings this much money back into the community.

My favourite part about helping with this program is getting to meet the clients and see their gratification.

If you’re thinking about volunteering, the program has grown significantly since I started and we need more people to help out! There's a personal satisfaction to it!”

Interested in being a volunteer with the CVITP like Abe? Contact us to learn more at cvitpcoordinator@saskatoonfoodbank.org or 306.664.6565