35 Things to do in Saskatoon this winter

1. Bundle up and go for a walk

2. Go for a bike ride (or bike to work)

3. Go skating at the Cameco Meewasin Skating Rink

4. Go bird watching, see if you can find 10 species of birds

5. Jog outside

6. Have a snowball fight

7. Find a sheltered place in a forest and listen to the sounds of the wind

8. Go tobogganing

9. Dog watch at the Sutherland Dog Park

10. Walk through the ice sculpture at the Farmer’s Market (made by a SFBLC volunteer!)

11.Shovel snow for a neighbor

12. Take photos of winter scenes on your phone

13. Play crokicurl in front of the Broadway Roastery (until Feb 24th)

14. Pour hot maple or corn syrup in some clean snow and make snow candy

15. Build a quinzhee in your yard or in a park (ask Adrian how)

16. Have a fire in one of Saskatoon’s fire pits

17. Toss a cup of boiling water in the air on a cold day and watch it steam! (Just be careful not to burn yourself)

18. Eat something outside. Notice how the food tastes different outside versus inside warm.

19. Make a snow angel

20. Write a friendly message in the snow

21. Look for jackrabbits along the Meewasin valley trails (look in friendship park)

22. Build a snowman (pretend its Parson Brown?)

23. Climb to the top of a snow hill to get a different view of the city

24. Imagine snow hills are mountain ranges. Lie down beside a ridge and imagine you are looking at the Rockies!

25. Watch the river flow over the weir

26. Play a sport in the snow (soccer, baseball, volleyball, etc)

27. Make an ice candle/ice lantern. Put a tea light in it. Put it somewhere outside (that is fire safe)

28. Make a snow fort

29. Look for ice sculptures downtown

30. Notice footprints in the snow, how are they different. What can you tell about someone from their

footprints? How fast are they walking? Are they taller than you? What kind of shoe are they probably wearing?

31. Trudge through deep snow as fast as you can

32. Be a snow scientist: dig a snow pit. Describe the different layers you see.

33. Look for porcupine bight marks on branches around the university

34. Find the warmest place you can that is still outside

35. People watch: what are people doing outside? Are there people who seem happy to be outside?