BLOG: How to Build a Raised Bed

How to Build a Raised Bed

Missed the workshop but still interested in learning how to build a raised bed? Here’s a step-by-step picture guide to help you build your new garden boxes!

Step 1: Start by choosing a location for your future garden beds. This location should have 8 or more hours of direct sunlight a day, access to water (either a hose, rain barrel, or other way for you to water your garden with ease), and the surface underneath the bed should allow for water drainage.



Step 2: Assemble your materials.

• A drill or hammer
• Saw (electric or handsaw)
• 16 Screws or nails
• Tape measure, pencil, and square
• Lumber
• One 2” by 2” that’s a minimum of 2 feet long
• Two 1” by 6” that’s a minimum of 8 feet long (these will be cut)




BLOG - Raised Bed2b.JPG
BLOG - Raised Bed2c.JPG

Step 3: Cut your lumber to the right size. Cut the 2x2 into 6 inch pieces, you’ll need 4 of these. Cut the 1x6 into 4 foot pieces, you’ll need 4 of these as well. Make use of your tape measure, square and pencil to make these as accurate as possible.

BLOG - Raised Bed3.JPG
BLOG - Raised Bed3b.JPG

Step 4: Assemble the frame, connect each corner as shown in the image below. Repeat for each corner.

BLOG - Raised Bed4.JPG

Step 5: Add any fun details such as an outdoor paint to your bed before adding soil & planting. You can line the inside of the frame with plastic to prevent damage, but never line the bottom of the box. Happy gardening!